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2 mile walk from Mevagissey to the Lost Gardens of Heligan

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The start of the cycle trail alongside the football pitch.

Wait for me ....

Thirsty work this walking.

Keep to the left.

Come on you lot.

What have you found Basil ?

Where's everyone gone ?

Is that an old farm building under those trees ?

Ponies in the field to the left.

This way dad.

Wow, big trees.

Through the gate ....

Under the log.

Over the bridge.

Through Heligan Mill.

Thats a funny looking house.

Basil leads the way

Time for a break.

This tree must have been very old.

Up the hill.

I can smell squirells.

Nearly there.

The garden entrance and a friendly welcome.

The shops this way dad.

The cafe and shop.

Lets ring mum and tell her we've arrived.

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